Week Two: Recap

June 28, 2011

The photos are in! Check out last week’s album on our Facebook page.

TeamH2OWorks cleared five separate plots for future refugee gardeners by digging out sunflowers, Ailanthus, Cannas, Ruellea and weeds.

During lunch, we also got to learn from several gardening and water conservation friends. A cultural teacher and gardener from Cambodia taught us a few helpful words in her native language (i.e. “Yumyum” means “eat”) and explained why gardening is such an integral part of her heritage.

Cambodian gardener

Then Carole and Yvonne from Dallas Water Utilities also shared facts about conserving water indoors so our TeamH2OWorks participants can take their new knowledge home.

Yvonne 's water quiz

We learned that older shower heads use up to 10 gallons per minute.

New low-flow shower heads use less than 3 gallons per minute. New technology also gives you a lot of water pressure, so you use a lot less water and don’t notice the difference – except on your water bill!

Do the math: How long do you spend in the shower every morning?


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